Pure, Honeymoon Crystal Pearls Thong

Layers in richly ruffled double edging in organic pure silk intangible tulle, finished in velvet ribbon. White satin ribbons insert inside. Featuring the artmade satin rose ivory coloured.

Hips lines of strings of light cream pearls in Swarovsky crystal, singularly hand knotted, with removable fastenings. Chains in golden brass nickel-free finished, adjustable at the back.

Heart pendants in Swarovsky crystal.

Unique creation not replicable


One size fits from I to IV

Please check the SIZE GUIDE


Remove the pearls strings before washing. Gently hand wash in cold water and hang to dry in a shaded area


215,00 €

  • Ships within 1-3 days

How to style it


In bed or velvet chaise longe wearing a from white-to-gold fur in a warm, intimate and confortable place


Eron cybermodel wearing "Pure"

Vintage synthetic fur from '70s by HC rare vintage collection


Designed by Veronica De Luca

Coutured in Hot Couture Atelier, Lecce, Italia