Caterina//Mediterrenean ancient culture



Rooted in Mediterranean Basin History, HC’s haute couture/Winter 17.18 collection draws its inspiration from Salento ancient art misteries



Caterina is created in the light burned natural color of the sheerest intangible tulle, illuminated by the silver rays of pure silk, as Salento’s barren earth feeded by night-time damp from seawater.


Tulle and lace flora embroideries recall middle-Eastern geometries, Byzantine arabesques, ancient emblems and native plants while hand embroideries fauna are reminiscent of many more legendary Peoples who left their marks in Salentine folklore.


From fabric gradations and embroidered arabesques to plain and sumptuous design is tactfully translated the ancestral strength and elegance of Mediterranean ancient woman alchemy..



In the cozy atmosphere of HC lab these unique pieces are created by the skilled hands of our tailors, which are carefully chosen from the needlecraft artists of our region, women who have learned the secrets and techniques of ancient needlework traditions from childhood, from their mothers and grandmothers, who in the small towns of the Salentine provinces, still hand-embroider their women’s marital trousseaus today. These women assimilate a great talent: the care and dedication with which one craft a gift for an important day and dream..