Drawing on the feeling of self-expression through my artistic know how, writing, through the signs on the female body, about her inner mysteries, with a gained mindful vision of the essence of the beauty of feminine sensitivity, freely enjoying my sacred passion for haute couture lingerie design, furthermore, in order to give back my contribution to my homeland’s great handmade tailoring traditions as part of the Southern-Mediterranean culture, I came back in my family renowened atelier founded by Gravili sisters in 1947. 
And Hot Couture was born.
The intricate essence of a woman is the world which Hot Couture creates, the intimate place in which, sweetness, seduction, elegance, charisma, spirit and madness are the dream which women finally decide to be whatever.
All Hot Couture’s creations are artistic handcrafted works, entirely and individually made in our boutique in a careful non-series process, according to the refined sartorial techniques of Salentine tradition.
Our tailors are carefully chosen from the needlecraft artists of our region, women who learn the secrets and techniques of ancient needlework traditions from childhood, from their mothers and grandmothers, who in the small towns of the Salentine provinces, still today hand-embroider their women’s marital trousseaus. These women assimilate the great talent that makes the difference: the care and dedication with which is realized a gift for an important day and dream..



Veronica De Luca Gravili